Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Why I Love Bishop + Young

As much as I like to claim that I am not "that" girly, I definitely prefer a feminine wardrobe. Dainty jewelry, a detailed dress and some strappy heels are the perfect combination for a chic summer look. Obviously, an occasional tennis shoe and low bun thrown in is necessary - especially when it is a mere 105 degrees. Regardless, bows and florals will always be a favorite of mine. 

When it comes to high quality, unique pieces, I always look to Bishop & Young. Their timeless, chic, beachy looks are right up my alley and take my everyday looks to a whole new sophisticated level. This summer, I have made it a priority to dress up as much as I can. I think that is partially because I am not in college anymore where I wore leggings and a tank top every single day, but also because I believe my style is maturing and transforming. Rather than wearing 10 lbs of makeup and 40 accessories, I have found myself leaning towards a more natural face, dainty jewelry and a neutral outfit. With Bishop + Young, each and every piece is neutral yet still makes a statement. Regardless of the dress, jumpsuit or top I style, I always know it will align with my own personal style, which is so important in feeling confident. 

Each piece worn in this blog post is a little less casual and a little more on the sophisticated side. I personally enjoy throwing on a nice dress for absolutely no reason, but I would also wear these to a day-time event, a bridal shower, a brunch, etc. 

The blue pin stripe dress with the gathered center has been one of my favorite dresses as of late. It is so simple and easy to throw on with sandals or tennis shoes, yet it still has a beachy feel to it. Probably because it is linen. Definitely a fav! 

The navy blue midi dress has been on repeat lately simply because of the effortless look it gives. I love a thin, lightweight strap because it is just so simple on the neckline, so this one is definitely another favorite. Not to mention, super lightweight and can easily be dressed up for a night out, or dressed down with tennis shoes and a bun for errands. Gotta look cute AF while running errands, right? 

Lastly, the black romper with the smocked top - an absolute dream. I am all about comfort and there is something about a jumpsuit in the summer that is so comfortable and effortless, yet looks dressy. You can be unshaven, untanned, bloated, etc. and a jumpsuit will immediately make you look like a million bucks. Talk about simplicity! The pink floral print is totally something I would throw on before dinner with friends or even just grabbing drinks with Bryce. Throw on a cute hat and some flats and it's the perfect look with little to no effort, AKA everything to me. 

A few other pieces I am dying over are this True Blue Stripe Romper, the Palerma Stripe Jumpsuit (obviously very into stripes right now) and the Desert Zen Crop. All so cute for summer. 

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