Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Non-Toxic Whitening with Lumineux

As a lover of all things sweet, keeping my teeth white is not the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it is really hard. Since teeth are one of the first things people see, it is so important for me to make sure I am taking care of them. After indulging in red wines, chocolates, teas, and the occasional soda, there are a few tips & tricks I do to keep my pearly whites actually white. 

Aside from oil pulling, using glass or paper straws at all times and overall reducing my intake of colored drinks, my biggest tip is to find a whitening kit that you love. Personally, whitening kits, strips and pens intimidate me so much. I have very weak enamel and sensitive teeth, so most of the whitening products on the market tend to hurt my teeth. I am also not a fan of putting the harsh chemicals that so many of these products contain into my body. So many times my teeth would actually look brighter and whiter, but the pain I felt throughout the whitening process was not worth it. I would rather just have yellow teeth if that is what I am going to have to endure weekly to maintain pearly whites. 

Thankfully, Lumineux Oral Essentials reached out to me in hopes of me testing out their products. Unlike all of the other teeth whitening companies that have asked to partner, Lumineux was the first to catch my eye literally because of their motto: "you shouldn't have to choose between a product that is good for you and a product that actually works." This is something that I believe in whole heartedly, however it is so hard to find products, especially oral products, that will get the job done without pumping your body full of harsh chemicals in the meantime. 

I am all about the non-toxic, bleach free ingredients in this kit. Each product is naturally derived, clinically tested and certified non-toxic. Instead of bleach and fluoride, Lumineux uses plant and mineral rich ingredients, like aloe vera, coconut oil and Dead Sea salt. Another bonus: the bamboo toothbrush is enamel friendly and infused with castor oil. 

Every single product is so effective, but also clean and free of toxins. I have been using the Luminuex products twice a day for about a week and am already receiving compliments on my brighter, whiter smile. I have always loved how a bright, genuine smile can bring a whole new meaning to the word 'confident'. This kit is definitely a confidence booster!

Use my code 'BLAKE15' for 15% off your purchase. 


  1. boyfriend in the pic. hell no. let him support you!

  2. As a writer with sensitive teeth, I struggle to find a gentle whitening treatment that doesn't cause discomfort, even when using milder products recommended by my dental clinic.