Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Loose Waves with Tan Mujiang

I have always loved a sexy, loose wave after a blowout. Through all of my hair stages (long, short, brown, blonde, etc.) the loose wave has been an effortless, chic look that I can always go to. Also, if we are being real, it's the easiest because you really can't mess it up. Right? Although, I'm sure we've all had the Shirley Temple look after one too many tight curls.. the worst. When I found out about the wide tooth comb trick, all of the Shirley Temple vibes went out the door. 

Something I love about the Tan Mujiang combs is the immense benefits they each have. From increasing blood flow to allow regrowth to minimizing hair loss, this comb has quickly become a part of my daily hair routine. Whether I am curling my hair or throwing it into a ponytail before I go to the gym, I am combing my hair to get that soft, effortless look. Typically, when I curl my hair, I run a wide tooth wooden comb through each curl to make it even more voluminous and simple. The great thing about The Mountaineer comb is that it is also anti-static, which is something I always struggle with. 

This unique, natural comb is one of my favorite pieces to use, especially because of the impact it has already had on the health of my hair. Tan Mujiang has tons of different brushes and combs that all have different purposes and looks. I can guarantee you'll want to throw your plastic hair accessories into the trash, because this wooden comb is a must. 

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