Thursday, November 15, 2018

Skincare Holy Grails

When it come to beauty, skincare is my number one priority. When you have clear, hydrated, healthy skin, your makeup looks 1000x better. Looking healthy starts from within (which we all know) and with skincare you often have to just trust the process. Some of these products do not work immediately, which can be frustrating, but I have realized that in order to see results you just have to be patient. 

Since I struggle with hormonal acne, all of the products I use on a daily basis are breakout-free (for me, at least). I have spent thousands of dollars on products that 'target acne', however it seems as if the only ones that I actually noticed a difference with are the ones that aren't for acne specifically. I have become such a snob about how the ingredients in my products work simply because I believe that being knowledgable beyond what is on the label is so important. 

1. One of my recent favorites is the Tula line. The probiotics seem to really help me with the prevention of breakouts, which is my main issue. They are also made with superfoods, which I also often include in my smoothies. Give me alllll the superfoods. 

2. For three years I have used a Clarisonic to gently exfoliate and I truly believe my skin is dependent on it. Since we are so exposed to not only dirt and oil, but also sunlight and pollution, exfoliating is the most important part of my day. 

3. I just recently was introduced to facial oils and now I am such an advocate for them. I could honestly do an entire blog post on just facial oils. I have always believed in splurging on skincare but, to me, this is the most essential area when it comes to splurging. I always used to think that applying oils to your face would clog your pores and, in turn, lead to breakouts. However, facial oils solve so many of my issues and the ingredients are so simple, which I love. My holy grail of facial oils is the Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil. I use 6-9 drops of this at night AFTER moisturizer has saved my dry skin this winter. According to Dr. Dennis Gross, oils can penetrate serums and moisturizers, but most products have a hard time penetrating through an oil, so you'll want to do your oils last. It is incredibly hydrating and works wonders if I have a breakout. It soaks in so nicely throughout the night and I am left with a nice, smooth complexion in the morning. 

4. As I am sure you have noticed, facial rollers are huge right now. I purchased my mom and I both jade rollers about two months ago and we both saw results in the first week. I like to put mine in the fridge (the freezer will crack it) and use it in the morning to seal in my moisturizers or oils. It does such an amazing job at relieving any puffiness while also draining your lymphatic acid. I always roll away from my nose in all directions so that the lymphatic acid (swelling) drains outward. It sounds so crazy, but I promise you this is legit. Jade is also known for brightening the complexion as it boost circulation under the skin. The only thing you have to remember is to do it every day. As with anything, consistency is key. 

5. Since I can remember, I have slept with a balm or conditioner on my lips, like Fresh's Sugar Lips. My lips get so dry during the winter (Bryce swears they are addicted to my Sugar Lips), so exfoliation and hydration is an every night process. This sounds so high maintenance but it takes 2 seconds and keeps your lips from drying out throughout the day, and also aging over time. 

6. My final holy grail is the newest addition to my list - a silk pillowcase. I heard about the benefits on The Skinny Confidential and immediately purchased my own. This is another splurge-worthy item since 100% natural silk can be pricey. The fabric itself contains amino acids which are amazing for your skin, but it also decreases the lines left on your face which lead to permanent wrinkles and doesn't absorb all of those really expensive products you just applied to your face. Sold yet? 

While writing about my all time ride or die products, I realized that I could write an entire blog post about each and every item that I mentioned. If you're wanting more details, or would like to be even more high maintenance with your skincare like me, let me know and I will spill all the deets. 

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