Saturday, February 16, 2019

Getting Ready with Yandy

I am sure we can all agree that getting ready is a love hate relationship. While the task of hair washing, fake tanning, and physically finding something to wear is challenging, I believe there is a seven year old in all of us that kinda loves it. 

If you know me, you know that I am so into my robes. I could die for an extensive robe collection - think satin arrays of color, lacey neutrals and fun prints hung on wooden hangers. The DREAM! 

Getting ready in a robe is so essential to me. Bryce bought me my first robe about four years ago from Victoria's Secret and since then I have been determined to find satin, silky robes in every color. Thanks to Yandy, my dream has finally come true. 

Aside from their extensive satin robe collection, they have a robe for every 'getting ready' occasion in the book.  You know, date night, girl's night, lounging at home night... from lace to feathers to jersey to chiffon. The best thing about these robes is that is allows you to feel sexy before you are even ready. Drape a lacy, pink robe over your freshly tanned (orange) body and you will feel like a whole new woman. Who would say no to that?

My robe collection is constantly growing. I am consistently seeking soft, chic additions and Yandy has saved me in that aspect. If you're wanting to spice up your 'getting ready' situation, put on some Ariana Grande, get out the rosé and order your satin Yandy robes

Use my code 'BLAKESWANNER20' for 20% off of your Yandy purchase. 
Thank me later! 

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