Sunday, December 9, 2018

How To: Holiday Hair

Everyone knows that the holidays are the time for glitz, glam and good hair, am I right? That means updated highlights, a fresh cut and a simple curl. My hair is the most voluminous and healthy it has been in a while and I owe it all to Beautopia Hair! 

My ideal holiday hair look is simple: loose, bouncy waves and a middle part. I washed my hair with the Vibracolor Color Last Shampoo & Conditioner which added moisture and strength to my hair, and followed up with the Actives Enhancing Shine Serum before blow drying. Afterwards, I sectioned out my hair to start curling. 

Since my curling iron is a 1.5 inch barrel, using the Vibrastrait to achieve these bouncy curls was so much quicker and more convenient. It also vibrates while you curl, hence the name, which gives a more relaxed curl. If you're wanting more details on exactly how I achieved this holiday look, watch the video below! 

Beautopia Hair currently has 30% off their entire site with the code 'HOLIDAY30'. 

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