Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My Last College Bedroom

Over the past few weeks I have been setting up my bedroom. This is my last year in Lubbock, last year in a college apartment and last year with my girlfriends so bittersweet is an understatement. I figured, since it's a year full of 'lasts' I should probably love everything about it - including the space I will spend a large majority of my time. 

My ideal bedroom has changed drastically over the years, and probably will continue to do so (RIP my bank account). Last year, I had hues of navy and baby blue, gold accents and tons of velvet. It was very glamor chic. This year, thanks to Pinterest, I am totally into a bohemian, eclectic, with a touch of glam, vibe. Makes sense, right? I am loving the texture of rattan mixed with the pattern of oriental prints with lots of white. Clean lines, simple accents and modern ties. I wanted it to be cozy, inviting, simple and stylish. I also wanted it to be super Instagrammable, you know?

This vibe was my goal:


Since my room is somewhat small I didn't want to overdo it. I wanted it to be as organized and simple as possible. I grabbed a larger full size mirror and also hung one of my previous mirrors to enlarge the appearance of the room. I also ditched my dresser and picked up a small shelving unit. I wanted a feminine, statement rug (also from Urban) that would contribute to my pink IG vibes. Then, I accessorized with some fun throw pillows, a sophisticated painting and plants.



My advice when decorating a room on a budget is to select pieces that are worth spending more on, while saving on others. Spending three million dollars furnishing the room was not an option so I splurged where it matters. My bed is one of those splurges. My previous bedding was six or seven years old so I figured it was time for all new stuff. I went with a simple, white comforter from Urban Outfitters and it is to die! Another splurge was the cocoon, rattan chair. I envisioned a cozy corner with a large chair, a plant and a blanket or some throw pillows, so I saved up for this one. I feel like these natural, boho pieces are so neutral that they will be kept for a long time.

Bryce has always been so confused by my decorating taste. Finally, he actually likes my bedroom. I'm not sure if it's the pink hues (LOL) or the cloud of a bed, but he's into it.

What are your bedroom go-to's?

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