Sunday, August 12, 2018

Travel Essentials

I can definitely say that I have come a long way when it comes to travel essentials. From packing my entire comforter in my carry on (not kidding), to bringing a light scarf as a blanket, I feel confident in the travel essentials I have sacrificed throughout the years. Instead of packing your entire bedroom like me, you can refer to this list of bare minimum essentials when flying. 

Keep in mind that this list is for shorter flights - I am talking 2-4 hours. International flights would be an entirely different story.

Here is my overall checklist for flights: 

Joggers: Comfort is a necessity for me, so cute 'loungewear' is typically what I go for when flying; especially for early morning flights. Yes, you show up to your hotel looking a little rough, but it is so worth it. I have a few favorite pairs that are super soft, while also flattering. 

T-shirt: Whether it's your favorite college tee or a fitted, cropped tee, as long as it is comfortable and doesn't make you look entirely homeless, go for it. I like to bring a second pair of clothes to wear on the plane, just so that they are super clean when flying back. 

Scarf/Wrap: As opposed to packing your entire bed, try to find a scarf or wrap that is small enough to throw in your carry-on, yet thick enough to act as a blanket. 

Sneakers: My feet are always cold, so having exposed feet is not an option when flying. Not to mention being barefoot through security... gross. I am obsessed with the clunkiness of tennis shoes right now, so these are my go-tos. 

CC Cream: Something with light coverage that also protects your skin. Traveling is so hard on my skin so any products that double as preventatives are helpful. 

Lip balm: Again, traveling is so hard on my skin, including my lips. There is nothing that bothers me more than chapped lips. Depending on where I am going, keeping my lips hydrated is a priority. 

Sunnies: As bitchy as it probably looks, I am not ashamed to wear my sunglasses on the plane. Too often, a fellow passenger will decide to blind the rest of us with that annoying reading light and I am not about to try and sit for 3 plus hours with a light shining in my face. If you are one who does that, please invest in one of these

Backpack: Or even a tote. Something that is easy to get through security with, yet fits your books, laptop, etc. I prefer to have my hands completely free when traveling so a backpack is necessary. 

Portable charger: If the plane doesn't have USB ports. Plus, it's nice to have on your trip when you'll be out and about throughout the day. 

Charger: For obvious reasons. 

Headphones: Bryce and I typically watch a movie when we travel, so we each bring our own headphones and a headphone jack splitter. I hate earbuds, so I use the 'over the head' ones. 

Hand Sanitizer: Aside from being a breeding ground for bacteria, planes and airports are typically just dirty. I always bring wipes and hand sanitizer to wipe down the seat, buckle and anything else I may be touching. I am grossed out just thinking about it. So high maintenance, I know. 

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