Thursday, July 19, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

As most of you know, since it's been forced down your throat the past few days, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is currently happening. It is one of the biggest sales (if not THE biggest) in the fashion industry and dominates the internet every summer for about 2 weeks. 

Every single summer, since I can remember, my mom and I have shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I personally have a love/hate relationship with the sale, and for good reasons. I love the sale because you can always find the perfect staple pieces that will be "in" for years at almost half of the original price. I hate the sale because my wishlist becomes so full and almost everything sells out before I have a chance to grab it (probably my own fault). Every year, it seems, the one thing I fall in love with becomes everyone's must have item and the smaller sizes are sold out in hours. I will say that in the past few years, Nordstrom has been way better at restocking the best selling items, especially when it opens to the public. 

This summer I have really been into neutrals with pops of champagne, blush and rose tones. From what I've noticed on IG and retailers, it's not just me. Blush has been a very prominent color this spring and summer - from house decor to makeup to clothing. The Nordstrom sale has a gorgeous selection of blush pieces that will incorporate perfectly into fall. Of course, they ended up in my round up below. 

You'll also notice a ton of trends returning this fall. Last year, joggers and cinched sweatpants were everyone's go-to look, both formal and casual. This year, they are even more relaxed and trendy. The blazer is another staple piece returning this year. Lucky me, there is even a pink one! 

I have also rounded up all of my favorite athleisure pieces from the sale because, let's be real, it's all I ever wear when it is under 50 degrees outside. 

Happy shopping!

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