Monday, December 11, 2017

Sunkissed with Golden Star Beauty


I love just about everything that comes with the holidays - the rich foods, the sugary desserts, the parties and the winter aesthetic. I love the gathering of families and the celebration that comes with it. The change in weather, though, is definitely something that my body takes a few weeks to adjust to. 

There are a few key things to combat the dry, pale skin that comes along with the holiday season; my new secret weapon is the Self Tanning Body Bronzer by Golden Star Beauty. It is an amazing, all organic product that darkens gradually over time. It is the best at home "glow" I have ever received. I find that looking pale throughout the winter months seems to make you appear tired and less healthy in a way. I am definitely lazy and often don't have time for self tanning, however with the body bronzer, it comes with a self applying glove, which makes application foolproof. You simply spray as much or little as desired and rub in with the glove. I wait a few minutes for it to sink in and then add a thin layer of moisturizer on top. Thank me later! 

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