Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Whitening with Smile Brilliant

If you're anything like me, nothing can keep you away from the daily pumpkin spice latter or occasional glass of malbec. Considering the amount of coffee and tea I drink on a weekly basis, my teeth are guaranteed to show for it. The toothpastes that claim to whiten hardly work, and the whitening strips are ridiculously frustrating... 

When Smile Brilliant reached out asking to test their at-home whitening kit, I was thrilled to try a simple solution that would keep my smile white. 

After receiving an impressions kit in the mail, I followed the directions, made my personalized impressions and sent them back to Smile Brilliant. I quickly received my second kit, which included the custom trays and set of syringes. It also comes with a desensitizing gel for people like myself, who have very sensitive teeth

Once I was ready to begin whitening, I lined the trays with the gel and kept them in for an hour-ish every other night. It became part of my nightly routine, which I love.  

I am loving the ease of sustaining a white smile, while still enjoying my favorite drinks as much as I please. Seriously, there is nothing better!  

Don't forget to use my code 'blakeswanner15' for 15% off of your entire Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit! 

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