Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Hair Care

When it comes to hair, I am a super freak. Since my hair has been through it all - bleached to the max, 3 inch split ends, a lovely mane of green to name a few - I now focus completely on maintaining thick and healthy locks. My boyfriend swears that my hair process takes me a whole day, but whatever, it has shown immense changes since I have taken the steps to healthier hair, so that's all that matters. 

A little background on the nature of my hair: I am a natural blonde (somewhat). When I was younger, my hair turned from white to dirty blonde within a 10 year span. I would say that my current natural hair color is a wheat-blonde color. Since I only highlight, many strands of my natural color are left for dimension. I have super fine hair, but quite a bit of it. Therefore, my ponytail can be pretty thick. It used to be dry wavy/poofy, however it now dries pretty straight (I attribute that to changing hormones, age, and an AMAZING straightening product). I often run a blow drier through it about an hour after showering - I try to let about 50% dry naturally while getting dressed and doing make-up, before I start to blow dry. I know this isn’t always possible for curly or wavy-haired girls who need to blow dry hair immediately to lock in a straighter texture, but since my hair dries pretty straight regardless, I take full advantage of this. My routine differs depending on the day, however I am going to give a brief run through of my every-day hair routine from start to finish. 

I typically wash my hair twice a week, with a third rinse if necessary. I really try not to over wash, especially in the summer, but sweat and product buildup is not too great on hair either. I have been shampooing with the Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and have been obsessed. It is like a hair treatment for each wash. Sooo moisturizing. 

After washing is the most important part when it comes to breakage. I gently run a Wet Brush through my hair, starting at the ends and combing through damp hair higher and higher until I reach the roots. I then wrap it up with my Aquis Microfiber towel. This towel is so much better for drying than wrapping with a bath towel as the microfiber material absorbs moisture and avoids damage. Occasionally, I'll put a deep conditioner, such as this It's A 10 Miracle Conditioner, and then wrap in my Microfiber towel. 

As far as products go, I am a die hard Bumble and Bumble fan. I recently (meaning about a year ago) came across their BB Straight Blow Dry serum and fell in love. It calms any and all fly-aways or kinkier pieces that frame the face - it's a must have, for sure. I typically use that, however sometimes I throw in a dime sized amount of the Living Proof 5-in-1, which has so many great benefits in one product. I always run a little bit of the Drybar Hot Toddy heat protectant before I blow dry, and then finish with Biosilk through the ends for a glossy texture. My mom used to use Biosilk after blow drying her hair, and every time, without fail, I would beg her to put a little bit in mine too. We often laugh because now I use it religiously. 

After I finish with my favorite products, I will typically blow dry. For the last 5 years I have used the John Frieda Blow Drier from Target (so fancy), and am still just as obsessed as the day I got it. 

Once my hair is clean and styled, I make it a mission to leave it alone completely for as long as possible. My hair can develop oil relatively quickly (3 days-ish), so I often use the Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo throughout my roots, and then I am good to go for another day or so. Every girl's hair is totally different, however this is the best compromise for me to keep my hair healthy and clean. 

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