Friday, March 31, 2017

Embroidery and a Pop of Color

No matter the style, no matter the color, a bright piece of jewelry can add a contrasting pop in such a unique way. People often say that your jewelry is the most personable piece you can incorporate into an outfit. Although I will always love my simple gold and silver hoops and cable bracelets, Baublebar jewelry will forever be a favorite. 

I am a sucker for pom poms, so these magenta Crispin Drop earrings were a must have. Since my outfit is black and white, I knew I wanted to go the extra mile and incorporate a fun pop of color.  Baublebar has this style in almost every color, and I can promise you that they are jewelry essentials. Honestly, I don't think any statement earring could have been more perfect. 

My embroidered, high waisted jeans, which have been so much fun to style, are Topshop (who would have guessed). Personally, I can't refrain from anything embroidered. The fiesta vibe is totally up my alley, and I can't wait to continue pairing these with different tops into summer!

top: Nordstrom | jeans: Topshop | shoes: Steve Madden | earrings: Baublebar | lips: YSL

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