The handbag I am loving right now

I am sure we can all agree that quality is something to be recognized in a handbag. Obviously, we all want a chic, versatile bag that completes a look, however we also want it to be luxurious and functional, right? That is exactly what I found in the Jennifer Nicole Collection.

Hand crafted in Tuscany, Italy, each Jennifer Nicole Bag is named after people who are near and dear to the creator behind the brand, Jennifer Nicole. Her goal was to create timeless, classic bags that were functional and high-quality, yet had an affordable price point. From the 'Bug' bag to the 'Liv' cross body, each and every bag is an affordable luxury. I selected the 'Liv' cross body, which is handmade with genuine Italian calf skin. I chose the Olive color, which is so unlike me, however I have LOVED the subtle pop of color it has been adding to my usually casual looks (hence the denim and white tank top vibes). Not to mention, it has a removable shoulder strap making it versatile, which I also love.

I think what I enjoy most about this bag is the overall quality. As I am sure we all know, there are hundreds of designer brands who create trendy, "luxurious" bags, however the quality and price point often do not match up. I am all for splurging on a handbag, especially considering it is a timeless item that you will not only use every single day, but can pass down to your children one day. The only way to do that, however, is with a high quality purse.

The Jennifer Nicole Collection has quickly become one of my new favorite brands obviously because of the luxurious, affordable bags, however also because of the message behind the brand. I am a firm believer in brands that have a voice and a reason behind their creation, like Jennifer's.

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