My personalized skinsei skincare

If there is anything I am openly passionate about, I think we can all agree it is skincare. From applying needles to my skin to sleeping on a silk pillowcase, I am one to try anything if it means it will make my skin clearer, healthier, dewier, etc. I mean, I literally have tried it all.

One of my new favorites though: Skinsei. This skincare is basically everything I have always dreamt of, and for many reasons. After listening to podcast after podcast featuring some of the best dermatologists in the world, I started to wonder why so many of them spoke about lifestyle, as opposed to just skincare products. Of course, taking your vitamins and drinking your water are essential to healthy skin, however I have recently learned just how much of an effect every decision you make on the daily has on your skin. Sleeping upright, applying spf, eating healthy fats, exercising, not stressing, cleansing with this and that... the list goes on. Everything we do plays a part in the quality of our skin, which makes total sense, right?

According to Skinsei, even the environment in which you live takes a toll on your skin. Considering I live in Dallas, I have to take quite a few factors into consideration. Skinsei claims that Dallas women tend to wear a lot heavier makeup than traditional women, while also preferring water over coffee. Dallas women also getting the least amount of sleep and exercise (no surprise there). Although I try my best not to fall into these categories, it is kind of inevitable. That being said, Skinsei has created a personalized skincare regimen that counteracts these environmental factors, while also tackling your own personal skincare issues.

This is where the holistic diagnostic test comes in. It asks you questions regarding your diet, skin type, exercise habits, UV exposure, stress levels, climate and air quality. Depending on your answers, the test picks areas of your skin that should be targeted and creates your personalized skincare regimen accordingly. So genius - it blows my mind.

I was sent the Clear History No 456, the Lucid Beaming No 219, the Throwing Shade No 360, the Blur Effect No 629 and the Rock the Boat No 489 and have fallen in love with each and every product. They are microbiome friendly and contain prebiotics (love) and plant extracts (yum). I have been using Skinsei for almost 2 weeks, and although it typically takes 4-6 to see results, I have already noticed my skin's overall clearer complexion and bounciness. I am 100% attributing this to Skinsei and the amazing transformation it has been able to make, despite me not eating the healthiest and exercising as of late. If you want to upgrade your skincare routine to a more personalized, unique regimen, you can use the code "BLAKE20" for a discount on your Skinsei purchase. You can thank me later!

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