How I Style Bike Shorts

It is officially the season in which car seats burn your ass when you sit down and you are sticky by the time you arrive to your destination. Don't get me wrong, the summer weather is 1000% my thing and I would sacrifice a fresh feeling to be warm and sunkissed any day, however I do like to dress for the weather year round. That means bike shorts are heavily in rotation. Whether you are heading to a workout, the grocery store or dinner, I personally think bike shorts are always an option. My favorite ways to style them are:

Athleisure: This is my everyday look. I love to mix different athletic pieces with more casual pieces, that way you can get a workout in and also head to the store and no one would even know the difference. For this look, I will typically throw on a black bike short, cropped tee or hoodie, high socks, tennis shoes and a ponytail. If you are wearing this out and about, grab a cute purse, statement sunnies and some jewelry and it completely transforms the look from 'working out' to 'casual athleisure'.

Feminine: Considering bike shorts derived from the sport of biking, they tend to give off more of a masculine vibe. I am totally into more masculine cuts right now, however sometimes I want to mix it with more feminine pieces. This is when I would pair my black or even printed bike shorts with more of a fitted top. This can be a cropped tank top, button up sweater, or one shouldered tank (something with a statement).

Going Out: I am sure you've seen girls dressing up bike shorts. It can seem intimidating, but I am so obsessed with the idea of a black, chic bike short, an oversized button down or blazer and a little kitten heel. I mean, how much more chic does it get. Although I have yet to try this look considering being quarantined, I will definitely be incorporating this look into my rotation come the end of quarantine!

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