Dallas Hall arts Hotel

If I am being honest, being back in Dallas has been somewhat of a dream. Even though I grew up in the Dallas area, I have never had the luxuries I do now. We are minutes away from some of the chicest bars, trendiest restaurants and most sophisticated hotels around. If you have wanderlust like me, then you know how exhilarating that can be, especially after having lived in a college town for the past four years.

With these remarkable locations at the palm of our hands, we have had the opportunity to embark on some pretty unique adventures - one being our most recent stay at the Hall Arts Hotel. Located right in the middle of the design district of Dallas, it is the perfect distance away from our place to feel like we have escaped for a little bit (which is the ultimate staycation, IMO). Although I knew we would be staying at a stunning boutique hotel, I didn't necessarily realize the extent to which the Hall Arts Hotel goes to ensure that each and every stay is truly "one of a kind".

We checked in on a Friday evening and spent a night with just the two of us, which seems rare these days. Our room was on the corner of the hotel and had floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the east side of Dallas. We were welcomed with the BEST charcuterie board I have ever indulged in and a bottle of wine which made our night. We went on a quick tour of the property and got a detailed look at all of the exquisite art the HAH has on display. Given this is what the entire hotel concept is based on, it was nothing shy of stunning. There was a true mix of all types of art, which I really enjoyed. I am so much more of an abstract connoisseur with lots of natural colors and detail, so many of the pieces were right up my alley - especially the "Let's Pretend Tomorrow Night Never Happened" piece.

Shortly after the tour, we headed to Ellie's for dinner. Named after the hotel owner's late mother, this restaurant has a large lounge area, dining area and a patio. We were seated right in the middle of the dining room and had a perfect view of the grand piano where two musicians played all evening - 100% my kind of setting. Bryce and I were both dying for a steak, so I ordered the Flat Iron and he ordered the Kansas City Strip. Both were served with the most amazing sauce that is making my mouth water thinking about it. We agreed that it was one of the best meals we had ever had. Honestly, I could see us frequenting Ellie's without even staying at the hotel. Not to mention, the service was so good!

Later that night, after changing out of my latex dress and throwing on boots and a coat, Bryce and I headed to a few different bars to have drinks. We stumbled upon the cutest speakeasy, which I didn't even know existed in Dallas anymore. It was a "shoe parlor" that had a secret door to enter - so cool. Of course, we ended up back at the Hall Arts Hotel and decided to take full advantage of the stunning, stand alone bathtub. Think lots of red wine and bubbles. Oh, and then at 2 am Bryce decided to order room service for us to split. A night of drinking just requires a greasy, gourmet cheeseburger, am I right? It was a much needed romantic night and we loved every second of it.

That next morning, I took one more bath (because, why not?) and we grabbed a drink at Ellie's bar before heading out. While sitting at the bar, Bryce and I were both talking about how lucky we are to be able to sneak away to one of the most unique and luxurious hotels we have stayed at, and have it be 20 minutes from our very own home. It was such an intimate, unique experience that we will never forget. Not only were we catered to the entire evening, but it allowed us to escape for a moment and spend quality time together. Thank you to the Hall Arts Hotel for giving us this amazing opportunity.

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