10 tips for a polished, glam Closet + Bathroom

I'm sure it is absolutely no surprise, but since moving into this apartment, the closet and bathroom have quickly become my favorite areas of the house. The fact that these two rooms are the only rooms that are completely finished probably has a lot to do with that, but nevertheless, I find myself spending more and more time perfecting the small details within these areas.

If you've been following me for quite some time now, you know that my closets in college were an absolute NIGHTMARE. The anxiety and stress that overcame me simply because of my closet is unfathomable. As many of you saw on my IG stories, I was constantly battling the chaotic pile of clothes that my college closet ended up turning into. From shelves falling out of the wall to using the shower rack as another clothing rack, it was a disaster. For someone who is as OCD as I am about clutter and organization, this closet could easily have sent me into a panic attack on numerous occasions. That is one of the reasons I fell in love with our current apartment. Our closet is spacious, high quality and very well designed, hence no need for hanging clothes on the shower rack. It is so easily accessible and fits all of Bryce and I's clothes, shoes and accessories perfectly. That's not to say I could definitely benefit from some purging, however for now, it is working for us.

Aside from having a walk in closet in general, one of the things I always envisioned in my "post-college" closet was built ins. As much as I love buckets and baskets for hiding and organizing your things, I think of my closet as more of a showcase. If you are anything like me, your clothes, shoes and bags are your babies. I hate to say it, but I am emotionally attached to a lot of my belongings and showcasing them on a built in shelf for everyone to see (or just Bryce and I lol) has always been a dream of mine. It also helps to show you your options because I am so often forgetting that I have the perfect nude, strappy heel for that particular outfit. That is also why I incorporated three separate pieces of furniture into our closet feng shui. They serve a purpose as they store our everyday items, however they also allow for a nice presentation of the items I consistently have in rotation.

Through all of my 2x2 feet college closets and bathrooms, I have picked up on a few tips and tricks that help me feel more organized and glamorous and less cluttered and chaotic. Here are the 10 that have helped me the most, both in my college days and now:

1. Leave your surfaces clutter free. This is one of my biggest pet peeves and really stresses me out when I see it at a friend or family member's house. Your counter tops were not designed to be your storage. Whether you have a ton of counter space, or hardly any, there is absolutely no reason for anything that is not aesthetically pleasing to remain on the counter. Hair products, make up, brushes... put that shit under the sink and replace it with a vase or a cute tray. If you notice, there are quite a few products that I like to have out at all times. I went to Target, grabbed a $20 white, marble tray and placed it strategically on my shelf so that my products could stay out, while also adding to the aesthetic of the room. I also did this with the Target shelves in the closet. It isn't cluttered and everything has a home, which brings me to my next point.

2. Have a spot for everything. I mean everything. The first thing I do when I am envisioning my clothes or products in a particular space is identify where each category is going to be stored. For this apartment, I knew that I wanted all of my clothes along one wall, and I wanted them to be the first thing I saw when I walked in. With the bathroom, I wanted "my sink" to have all of my everyday products right underneath so that they were easily accessible. My hair products are all on the left side, while my tanning products take up the right side. My long dresses are all on the right, while my sweaters and coats are tucked to the left because they are bulkier and not as cute. Having a system and knowing exactly where something fits is key to sustainable organization.

3. Put everything away. This is hard for me as I am constantly feeling lazy and not wanting to hang my new clothes up or roll my leggings and put them back in the drawer. It is a habit that if you are guilty of, is hard to break. You have to get into the routine of putting the 3-4 items that are making your home or closet a mess away immediately, because once you get "the pile" going, it is never ending and will turn into an hour worth of cleaning when it could have been put away in the first place.

4. Color coordinate. I have been color coordinating my closet since I was 6 years old, so this is nothing new to me, however I have noticed lately that it is such an easy trick to take your closet to that next level. It also helps me to decide what mood I am in, which is usually dependent on the weather, and what color I am feeling like wearing that day. Now that all of my pink dresses take up a large majority of my closet, I also know that I need to chill on the pink. Very simple and very impressive to have a color coordinated closet.

5. Style coordinate. After you have color coordinated, go ahead and go one step further and color coordinate depending on the category of clothing. All of my jackets and coats are in one category and color coordinated accordingly. Same with my sweaters, tees, tanks, blouses, dresses, jeans and other "bottoms". You won't realize how much simpler it makes getting ready until you do it.

6. Invest in organization. This one has always been a must for me because when I am not organized, I am incapable of handling certain situations. That sounds psycho now that I am typing it, but seriously if things are not somewhat organized, I can't continue with my routine until they are. From underneath the bathroom sinks, to the upper shelves in our closet, we have implemented a lot of baskets, drawers, and containers to keep things in their place. I feel like this is an area you can always improve, however matching baskets and acrylic make up drawers not only store your stuff, but they give the room or space a polished feel.

7. Have drawers in your closet. In college, my roommates and I rented a cottage that included furniture in each room. Since I already had furniture, I would often take the nightstand, desk and drawers and stack them up in my closet for extra storage. This tactic has been so beneficial that I had to incorporate it into our current closet, as well. Now, my mom has a dresser into her closet as well because it makes your life so much easier. I wanted somewhat of a cute dresser that matched the vibe of the rest of our home, so these Ikea drawers saved us. Bryce has his own (which is a MUST) and I have my own. It houses all of my bras, undies, sports bras, socks and leggings.

8. Use matching hangers. I have always dreamt of having matching hangers. There is nothing I hate more than a bunch of random plastic and dry cleaner hangers all mixed in while holding your nice, expensive clothes. It's just not ideal. This was my closet about 2 years ago, until I decided to slowly transition to the thin, velvet hangers. I told myself that each month I would buy a 60 pack on Amazon and that eventually it would add up to enough hangers to throw my plastic ones away. I am not 100% there yet, but even just having the majority of the hangers in my closet match has been a game changer. Talk about a polished look - these are so chic and perfect as they don't allow clothes to slip.

9. Try to recreate a boutique in your closet. This has been one of my main goals when designing and organizing my closet. If you have a "boutique" vibe going in your closet, whether it is 2x2 like my old closet, or walk in like my new closet, you are going to be more likely to enjoy getting dressed. This is why all of my uglier shoes, college t-shirts, workout clothes, old accessories, etc. have a basket that hides them. If it isn't something I enjoy looking at, it goes into a (categorized) basket up above.

10. Clean frequently. Thankfully, Bryce and I are both very much clean freaks, however it is something we have had to make more of a habit living in an all white (for the most part) home. Between my spray tan, Bryce's beard and Tyson's fur, the bathroom can get disgusting pretty fast. We have Clorox wipes underneath the counter at all times, a small trash can that remains under the counter, and a robot vacuum that vacuums every single day (which, let me tell you, was worth every single penny). Although we do deep clean once every couple weeks, we are constantly taking a few minutes every day to wipe the counters down, scrub the sink and bathtub and vacuum the entire floor. Having a clean and neat bathroom and closet is one of the best feelings, so incorporating small tasks that help achieve that are key.

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